Direction Up Basketball Camp

Direction Up will offer each player the opportunity to participate in interactive drills and training techniques designed to enhance and develop fundamental defensive and offensive skills. The one-week camp is open to youth ages 7 – 16 and offers a fun, inspirational and instructional environment for athletes to train, make friends and enhance their talents. It is imperative in the summer that young athletes focus on improving on their skills and/or being introduced to the game of basketball.

Our trained staff of professionals will offer results-driven techniques focused specifically on shooting, defensive skills and passing, as along with providing general knowledge in the game of basketball. Most importantly, we will do this with fun and passion in a laid back, yet competitive environment as we work to help our campers reach their highest potential.

At Direction Up, your child will receive game and life lessons designed to improve their skills on the court while equipping them to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle off the court. Tools include discipline, timeliness, perseverance, next play mentality, teamwork, physical fitness and respect. 

Camp provides kids of all ages the opportunity to:

  • Learn essential basketball skills for junior high, high school and college levels
  • Focus on core skills which can positively impact a game
  • Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice techniques in a game setting.

Break-out sessions will help participants learn the art of passing, dribbling, defense and shooting. 
Competitive games are geared to improve skills while fostering an fun environment . 

Give your kids the opportunity to experience a life changing week of motivation, basketball skill development, interaction with other children, and most importantly a week of non-stop fun.