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The Direction Up Foundation, also known as Carol Ann Foundation, strives to improve the quality of life to those afflicted with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families by hosting events that encourage people to live a purpose-filled life. 

MS is a chronic and sometimes disabling disease, that affects the central nervous system. Symptoms can be as light as periodical numbness in the limbs, or it can be severe sometimes leading to paralysis or even death. MS is one of the diseases where you can look at someone and not even tell they have a disease at all, or you can look at someone and think the disease is worse than MS because of their circumstances. 

Not only does MS affect the person with who is actually afflicted, but it also affects the family. The Carol Ann Foundation strives to not only enhance the quality of life for the person with MS but also for the family by hosting events such as bowling, kickball games, cookouts, video game tournaments for the kids and a bunch of other things. This, in turn, gives them something to look forward to once a month. I believe The Carol Ann Foundation can and will impact, if not change lives for the better.



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