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Dallas has been what many call a natural born leader. At an early age, he shined among his teammates, classmates, and friends as a leader. He decided he could be the best leader by combining his two passions, his faith, and sports. In July of 2017, Dallas completed his Masters in Christian Leadership from the prestigious Moody Bible Institute. Since 2010, he has been transforming his leadership skills and his passions into the art of public speaking. He captures rooms of athletes, couples, singles, and youth with his impeccable storytelling ability, which is sprinkled with a bit of humor, honesty, and grounded in his faith. He inspires and motivates all who attend to live each day of their lives never settling for less than God's best. Dallas has a passion for encouraging all he meets and uses it as motivation to be a voice of change. Recently, Dallas had an opportunity to combine faith and sports overseas, as he traveled to Malawi, Africa. Here he used basketball and combined it with faith to impact the Malawians as he spent time immersing himself in their lives and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. God created Dallas, 6 feet 9 inches, a giant to many, but at his core, he is a leader full of faith, love, and passion.



Dallas Lauderdale III had the opportunity to travel to Malawi, Africa in partnership with The Passion Center for Children to host its inaugural international basketball clinic. The Passion Center for Children evangelizes communities through sports leagues and games. Through conducting Bible studies for athletes and coaches, preaching at half-time and running clinics. Dallas and the Passion Center emphasized salvation, discipleship, caring for the least of these and responsible behavior.

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